Chartered Flights


You will get a tailored made product to suite your requirement for Eagle Air executive charters. Being located in the centre of Africa in a weather and people friendly atmosphere you will find Eagle Air and Uganda the most suitable location to access the rest of Africa.

Eagle Air offers superb charter flights to accent the itineraries of executives, tourists, VIPs, Medical Evacuations, Cargo transportation and Aerial Photography. Eagle Air will secure an appropriate aircraft in as little as two hours notice to whisk you when and where you want to go.

Call +256 414 344 292 and discover the freedom of scheduling flights around your needs, and what a breeze traversing the region can be. An Eagle Air Service offering affords you the opportunity of private airline travel without the burden of maintenance, overnight, standby and overhead fees that comes with ownership.

All charter flights serve snacks including alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.  We are committed to making your trip an enjoyable one. Eagle Air specialists will happily arrange ground transportation for you and your party.

Our staff is committed to you. Each flight is tracked from start to finish. Steady communication between flight crews, weather forecasters, operators, dispatchers and airport personnel are working to keep your trip smooth and on time.

Convenient & Flexible: Available just any time

We offer you a reliable option to access the deepest countryside. Our fleet and crew are your best bet flying into the regions tough terrain.

  1. National parks; Mweya, Kidepo, Muchison falls National park, Bwindi, Semliki and Kibale.
  2. Humanitarian flights; Gulu, Pader, Moroto, Kotido, Lira and Soroti.
  3. Oil and Gas exploration; Masindi, Kaiso Tonya, Butiaba, Masika, Buliisa and Kinyara.
  4. Cargo flights; we can up lift up to 1.5 tonnes of cargo at a time.

Humanitarian Flights

In the past decade Eagle Air has been instrumental in providing safe passage into the war ravaged areas of Nothern Uganda and South Sudan. Our humanitarian flights have allowed a large number of organizations including United Nations to access areas that could not be reached by road. Eagle Air is trusted not only to deliver passengers and cargo into areas of need but also to conduct swift and secure emergency evacuations. Our wide and continued experience in navigating the rough terrain of Uganda and East and Central Africa makes us the first choice in conducting humanitarian flights within the region.  

Contact Eagle Air for more information.

Cargo Flights

Eagle Air will cater for all your cargo needs. Our planes are able to carry up to 1.5 tons of cargo. We will deliver your cargo securely and directly to your preferred destination.

Medical / Evacuations

Eagle Air provides Medical Evacuation flights in collaboration with health service providers ie AAR and IAA. However, our customers may choose their preferred medical service provider for ground transportation to their hospital of choice. Eagle Air is able to provide an air conditioned plane with a comfortable interior best suited for medical evacuations.


We can also provide the following:

  • Aerial Surveys / Photography
  • Commercial Flyer Distribution